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Our TPG Experience with Scott Gillivray

For all of you who doesn't know... you need to get outside of your home in Toronto. Scott McGillivray is a Canadian businessman, investor, television host, author, and educator. McGillivray is the award winning host and executive producer of hit series Income Property... yada yada yada... He's a big deal!

Our experience on Scott's house call #scottgillivray program, behind cameras was different of any of our daily routine procedures. There were so many people involved in order to make sure all details are being taken cared of and the program runs without issues.

The Painters Group had the responsibility to remove all shutters in front of the house, prep the surfaces and spray paint them. Once they are dry to reinstall them back an easy task to be able to get the job done on the clients backyard as tarps were used to cover the grass and all shutters positioned on top to do the spray painting job!

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