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The Right Paint for your Bathroom

Choosing the right paint for your bathroom can be tricky for a number of different reasons. Firstly, taking into consideration what happens in the bathroom, it is important that you pick the right type paint. A waterproof paint will probably do you good. Even a better choice would be something that is mildew resistant and will not be affected by the moisture. Some paints will lose their gloss from hard water stains; others will be easier to wash off. Something like acrylic flat would be a bad choice for bathroom paint since it is less washable and when exposed to moisture for long periods of time it will begin to lose its initial qualities. On the other hand, a latex paint would be less susceptible to be hampered by water, moisture, humidity and temperature and thus proves to be a good paint type for exterior jobs.

Nonetheless each and every single bathroom paint job has a unique set of requirements and perhaps would be best if looked after by a professional from The Painters Group.

Another crucial aspect of any paint job would undoubtedly be the color. What makes picking the color anything but easy are a few small factors that can be easily ignored but are paramount to the success of a paint job. Take into consideration the amount of natural lighting entering the bathroom. What (color) might look suitable momentarily can instantly be altered by lights bulbs inside. It is best to check color sample cards inside the bathroom under the desired lighting, that way you know exactly how each color will look. Ideas for colors can come from anywhere, but it will not work everywhere. Lighter colors will usually make the bathroom feel more open and welcoming, whereas something dark will add a little bit of intimacy and a secretive touch to your bathroom. Also, picking the right finish for your bathroom could mean the difference between an acceptable and a marvellous finished product (bathroom). For bathrooms, the commonly used semi- gloss or satin makes for a good pick. Semi- gloss, usually because it is the simplest to clean, but however it may reflect imperfections and will become dull over time with every wash. In such cases satin would become a better option.

In all picking the right selections for your bathroom paint can prove to be tricky. One way to deal with this is to have representatives from The Painters Group go over your picks and have them asses it. Wondering whether you’ve got everything right for your bathroom isn’t a dull thought, so put a bright coat of confidence on it by choosing The Painters Group.

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