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The Importance of Exterior Paint

While many homeowners consider interior painting when they want to change the décor of their home or create a fresh and tidy appearance, a number of homeowners neglect the exterior paint surfaces of their home. Exterior paint schemes can not only add to your curb appeal, but can provide weather protection for your home. To ensure that your home looks its best, you should consider the importance of your exterior paint scheme.

Exterior paint differs greatly from interior paint as it needs to provide adequate protection for the surfaces of your home. The exterior of your home is continually exposed to harsh weather elements such as hot sunshine, heavy rains and harsh winds which can compromise the integrity of unprotected wood. There are a number of specialist paints available which can provide additional protection. If you are considering refreshing your exterior paint, you should consider that your usual decorator may not be properly equipped for this kind of a challenge. It is important to use an exterior interior painter who has the equipment and expertise to manage all aspects of home painting.

Your Choice of Color is Also of Great Importance

This choice can allow you to reflect elements of your personality and character in your homes appearance. Many people try to rush their choice of color, but care should be taken to consider the color scheme used in your neighborhood, the architectural features and style of your home. Many homeowners choose a neutral color shade which will age well and provide an elegant finish. A number of people look for two shades to provide a contrasting effect. Painting the walls of your home with white or off white and using a darker color for your trim can create a very striking and attractive look. It is important to remember that the trim and windows will need to complement your chosen color scheme to ensure it all works together. Nowadays there is almost the same range of colors available for exterior paints as you would find for internal paint, so you can create your own color palette.

The Main Challenge for Exterior Painting is Preparation of the Surfaces

As with internal painting, it is important that the surfaces are properly prepared to ensure that a long lasting and great looking finish is achieved. Failing to prepare properly could result in peeling paint or old paint showing through. This could also compromise the effectiveness of weather protection in your new paint. The other major challenge is having the proper equipment. Exterior painting can be very dangerous if you don’t have the right types of ladders and other equipment needed to reach the high heights of your exterior walls. It is important not to attempt exterior painting without the proper equipment, since you are more likely to create a poor finish and put yourself at risk of a fall or injury.

Whether you are considering listing your home for sale, or it is simply looking a little tired, exterior painting may be the solution you have been looking for. A fresh coat of exterior paint will not only boost the aesthetic appearance of your home, but can create a better weather protection barrier against harsh summer or winter weather. This can save a small fortune in the longer term, as you will reduce the need for damaged siding boards to be replaced.

If you are interested in learning more about exterior painting or need assistance with the exterior paint on your home, contact The Painters Group. We are experienced exterior interior painters, with the expertise to handle all aspects of painting your home. We would be delighted to help with any questions or queries you may have and guide you to a more attractive looking home. For a FREE Quote Call us at (905) 294-7777. Toll Free 1-866 436-6108.

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