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Tips for Deciding When to Paint a Home's Interior

For many homeowners the decision as to when you should conduct maintenance or repairs can be a tricky one. Painting your home’s interior may not have the immediate need of a broken pipe or leaky roof but it can compromise the appearance of your home. Fresh interior paint can instantly make your home feel clean and welcoming, so what are the key signs you need to look for to decide when it is time to paint?

Check for scuffs, marks and damage:

Over the course of time, your interior paint will begin to show its age and you will see signs of wear and tear. You may notice smudges, scuffs, hand or finger marks, scrapes or other damage which have compromised the aesthetic appearance of your interior.

Cracks and Peeling:

Any signs of cracks and peeling are a primary indicator that it is time to repaint. If the cracks have appeared near the window sills, it could be the result of sun damage to the paintwork or moisture accumulating on the sill. These issues can lead to long term damage to the wood of the sill if they are not corrected.

Water Marks:

Water marks are common in specific rooms of the house such as the bathroom or kitchen. Moisture from cooking or using the shower can cause condensation which can drip down the walls and create water marks. This can be easily resolved with repainting with a latex paint which can absorb some moisture. However, if the problem is severe it may be advisable to have a ceiling vent installed to prevent the problem reoccurring or check for any leaks with a professional.

Avoiding Using a Specific Room:

If you find yourself avoiding using a specific room, then it is time to consider the state of the décor. If you rush through cooking but don’t like to dine in your kitchen, is it the state of the room which is putting you off. You may also experience some embarrassment and guide guests into using certain rooms and hoping that they don’t visit others. You should be able to show your home with pride, so this is a huge indication of the need for redecoration.

Remember that making the decision to paint the interior of your home is an opportunity to revamp tired décor and take advantage of some of the latest decorating trends. Why not be a little braver with colors rather than sticking to a cold color palate. If you are a little reluctant to totally commit to a bold color why not consider a feature wall in a brighter shade with the other walls in a complementary shade. However, choose your color choices carefully and be sure to choose a shade which will date well and is not so bright that it gives you a headache after a couple of weeks.

There is a great choice of paint products in a wide rainbow spectrum of colors, so you are only limited by your imagination. Take the time to consider the functionality of the specific room and the type of ambience you wish to create. Remember warm earthy shades will create a rich atmosphere while cooler shades can create a clean crisp feeling. Don’t be limited by color preconceptions as traditional colors such as blue are no longer limited to boy’s bedrooms. Why not create a bright and nautical ambience to your bathroom with shades of light and dark blue or a romantic ambience to your bedroom with sumptuous purples and reds?

If you are interested in learning more or need help deciding when to paint your home’s interior, contact The Painters Group. We offer professional expertise in all aspects of painting and decorating and would be delighted to answer any questions you may have. For a FREE Quote Call us at (905) 294-7777. Toll Free 1-866 436-6108.

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