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Most Popular Interior Home Paint Colors - And Why

From soft pastel shades to bold colors, home decorating can completely change the look of your home, making a statement for each room and reflecting homeowner’s personality, flair and taste. Room colors can also enhance mood and promote the ambience of the room whether that is vibrant for entertaining or subdued for quiet relaxation.

The popularity of an interior paint quality can sometimes be a reflection on how the color can be used or restricted by the type of room. Since color can greatly affect the mood of the room, certain colors are used more frequently than others. For example, orange is a popular color for computer rooms since it is a vivid and bright color which promotes alertness. However, it is a poor choice of color for relaxation areas such as bedrooms. This means that although orange may be a popular color for certain areas of the home, it is unlikely to be a popular color overall.

The most popular colors across the board are shades of white, red and blue. These are versatile colors which are used to some degree in almost every home interior decorating project. Consider your own home, are all three colors featured? The chances are they are!


White is simply the most popular interior paint color and it has been for many years. There are a number of reasons for this, the primary being that it is a safe color which presents a neutral color palate which compliments any type of flooring, furniture, soft furnishings or accessories. All the elements of the décor can be changed without the need for repainting which makes it extremely flexible.

The only real limitation to white décor is that it can be a little bland. Since the trend of house doctoring, many people have neutralized their décor which can create a cold and sterile feel to the home. This can be overcome by plenty of color accents but many people are now committing to being a little more adventurous with their choice of paint color.


Red paint colors have become extremely popular since the spectrum of shades available can convey bold and versatile moods from opulent to rich and warm, confident to striking. It represents an excellent color for literally any room. Kitchens or living rooms can have an active ambience, while bedrooms can feel sumptuous and romantic. It can also be complimented by a number of other colors. Adding a touch of yellow creates an orange hue which can create a mood lifting effect without being over powering. Adding brown shades creates a subdued and darker look which engenders a cozy and comfortable feel perfect for dens or rest areas.

Blue: Traditionally blue was only used for boy’s bedrooms but the color has had a complete revival. The spectrum of shades makes for a versatile color palate. Bright and muted shades can create a cool and energized ambience. It can also be used to reflect quiet reflection. Blues have become a popular color choice for bedrooms since warmer shades promote a sleepy and relaxed ambience especially when warm shades are complimented with deep muted tones. Blue is also a popular kitchen color since the cooler blue tones can give a crisp clean feeling which makes the kitchen feel hygienic yet welcoming.

Accent Walls: This decorating technique has increased the demand for more adventurous shades. Without having to commit to an overwhelmingly dramatic look, an accent wall can provide a bold statement which opens up a room and creates a strong ambient feeling. This can be an excellent way of allowing the homeowner’s personality into the design of the room without creating an oppressive atmosphere. Bolder colors have seen an increase in popularity because of the technique of accent walls, with darker shades previously not often purchased used more and more.

If you are interested in learning more, or have any questions or queries about which color tones would suit the requirements of your specific home, please contact The Painter Group. The Painters Group would be happy discuss color palates and which tones would complement your home and highlight its design features for maximum impact. For a FREE Quote Call us at (905) 294-7777.

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