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How To Choose a Commercial Painting Company in Toronto

When you run a business, it’s important to have a good relationship with a reliable contractor that you can count on. It’s wise to get to know the various contractors that you may need before you actually have a project come up that requires their help. Scrambling at the last minute to find a contractor can lead to a choice made out of desperation rather than careful selection. Use these tips to help you choose a commercial painter in Toronto. Now when you need a commercial painter, you’ll know who to call.

1. Choose a commercial painting contractor whose painters are professionally trained. Anyone can slap some paint on the wall, but if you want a neat, professional, quality job, be sure that the painters that you are using have been well-trained. After all, you have to live with the results of their work.

2. Be sure that the commercial painter you choose is licensed and insured. This gives you confirmation that the local licensing bodies have given your painter their seal of approval. It also gives you assurance that your job will be completed and your painter won’t walk away in the midst of a job, leaving you with a mess. Insurance is vital; if the painter were to get injured while working on your building, you need to know that the contractor’s insurance will cover his injuries and time off work.

3. Get a detailed estimate from the painter before you commit to his services. The estimate should include the areas to be painted, the number of coats to be applied, the quantity of paint that you will be charged for, and any charges for trim or other detail work. An experienced commercial painter should have no problem giving you all of this information up front.

4. Look for a commercial painter who communicates well with you. You should easily be able to reach someone at the contractor’s office by phone, not be stuck leaving a voicemail and hoping to get a call back. Also, the painter should keep you updated frequently on the progress of your job.

5. Choose a commercial painter who has a flexible schedule. As a business owner, you may not be able to have your painting job done Monday through Friday, 9 to 5. You need that time to run your own business. A good commercial painter can do your painting job when your office is closed so that your business isn’t interrupted.

6. The commercial painter that you choose should have an excellent reputation in the community. There are likely many other business owners who have used a local commercial painter, so ask around and find out who has a great reputation in your area.

When you need to hire a commercial painter in Toronto, call The Painter’s Group. We are proud to have received the Top Choice Award in 2011 and 2012 and the 2008 Business Excellence Award. These award and our reputation in the community speak to the quality painting services that we consistently provide.

Our painters are available 24/7, so we can complete your job without interrupting your business. In addition to being bonded and insured, we are also SafetyOne certified, and we’re a member of the Markham Board of Trade. Call The Painters Group for a free consultation, and we will provide you with the quality, professional workmanship that you are looking for. Toll Free 1-866 436-6108. For a Free Quote call us at (905) 294-7777.

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