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Top Tips for Choosing Painters in Toronto

Decorating can be an extremely difficult task. While many people in the Toronto area choose to do it themselves, unless they are especially skilled they fail to prepare the surface properly, select the wrong type of paint or generally fail to achieve a professional standard of finish. A great deal of people try painting and decorating once and then strictly leave it to the professionals. So how do you choose a painter and what questions should you ask before you engage the services of companies of painters Toronto based or otherwise?

1. As with all home improvement projects, the cheapest bid is rarely the best. Unless you have no cares about the standard of work, materials used and want the job completed as cheaply as possible, you should consider other bids or estimates. It is important to bear in mind that the painters will be in your home, so you don’t want a rushed job where it has been improperly prepped, done with low quality or thinned paints or caused drips or paint spots on your furniture, floors or belongings. In selecting your painters, you need to recognise that professional tradespeople undertaking a high standard of work require an adequate level of compensation for their time and services. You should be looking for a painting professional who takes a pride in their reputation, work,and customer care while building repeat business rather than simply rushing to complete as many jobs as possible.

2. Be sure to ask friends and family for recommendations, or ask for references. However, do take the time to check out references. A great number of people ask service providers for references because they should, but fail to follow through and check them. Any company of painters who provide a fair price and quality service should be willing to let you contact previous customers, as they are confident that they will receive a glowing review.

3. Be sure that your chosen company of painters have the relevant certification. Again, genuine service providers are proud of their awards and certifications, and they are a great indicator of excellent service and that they are keeping up with new skills and products which are the latest developments in the industry.

4. Ensure that they have the relevant insurance. This is an important factor which is commonly overlooked, but even the most professional of painters can have an accident, such as a paint spill for which you would want coverage. Alternatively, it provides you with additional protection in the event of a serious accident such as a fall from a ladder which could occur on your property and ultimately be your responsibility. The correct and adequate insurance provides reassurance for you and your home.

5. It is now fairly commonplace for tradespeople to come from around the world, so make sure that there is a crew member who speaks English. Although this does not reflect on the skills or knowledge of a painter who cannot speak English, you need to be able to communicate with the painting crew in the event of a problem or if they have questions. It is important that you have the ability to communicate adequately with at least one member of the crew.

These five tips provide the basis of selecting the right painter for your project but you need to be sure you feel comfortable with the attitude, professionalism and skills of your chosen professional. If you are interested in learning more about painters, Toronto and surrounding area potential customers should contact The Painters Group. We would be happy to assist you with any questions or queries you may have relating to your specific circumstances. Call (905) 294-7777. Toll Free 1-866 436-6108.

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